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Improving Your Court's Services, The EZ Way!

Making a court payment or requesting a defensive driving school session has never been easier. It is no longer necessary to take time off work and spend half a day at the courthouse for a simple procedure. JusticeEZtrac is an automated court service center that simplifies and improves the court experience for court clients and liberates court personnel and resources to be used more effectively for the benefit of the community.

JusticeEzTrac.com is more than an online payment processing system. It allows for effective direct communication between the court and the clients. Court Clerks can now be more productive by reducing the amount of time needed to speak with clients on the phone and processing payments manually. Additionally, there is no cost to the court for the use of the system. Court clients pay a small processing/convenience fee directly to JusticeEZtrac for services rendered.

Features Summary    

Product Features Court Benefits

• Fine payments can be made online, by phone or at a kiosk

• Cash walk-in payment at Walmart locations

• Enter a plea of guilty or not guilty online

• Receive court date notifications via email

• Setup automatic payment orders

• Direct communication with the court

• Court hearing extensions may be arranged

• Driving school sessions can be requested

• Ability to attach form and documents to all communications

• General inquiries (Asking and Answering)

• Fast case closure

• Direct and secure communication with the Court

• Increased cash flow

• Better use of clerks's time

• Fewer cases going to collection

• Time savings on payment follow-ups, no more stuffing envelopes with a receipt for every payment

• Cost saving on supplies (paper, envelopes and postage)

• Increased court security, no more over crowded lobbies

• Increased community satisfaction

Benefits for Clients    

As an automated court service center JusticeEZtrac allows court clients to make a payment, request a court hearing extension or setup an automatic payment order. These services are available online, over the phone and at kiosks. Payments can easily be made by credit or debit card. For those individuals not able to use a credit or debit card, cash payments may also be made through JusticeEZtrac at any Walmart location. Whichever method a court client decides to use, he or she will not need to travel to the court and wait in line.

Additional features include the ability to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty online and receive court date notifications via email. In simple terms, most court procedures can be completed using JusticeEZtrac. Even direct communications between the court clients and the court are possible through the JusticeEZtrac message center which allows supplementary documentation and forms to be attached for the court to review. Finally, driving school sessions can be arranged and general inquiries answered.

With JusticeEZtrac, it’s a win for the court and the client.

Benefits for the Court    

Court clerks can now be more productive by reducing the amount of time previously needed to speak with clients and process payments.

JusticeEZtrac is a turn-key system with virtually no cost to the court. It is financed by a small processing fee charged to the court clients that choose to use the system. Most clients will choose the JusticeEZTrac option over the option of missing a day of work, traveling to the Courthouse and waiting in line.

More clients using JusticeEZTrac means less court traffic. This means less overcrowding security risks, which liberates court clerks from spending their time on collection tasks, following up on payments or stuffing and mailing envelopes with payment receipts. With JusticeEZTrac making the collections, courts save on supplies such as paper and envelopes along with the cost of postage. Furthermore, since more cases can be closed faster, the court will be able to handle an increased case flow without increasing personnel. Overall, the system brings increased satisfaction to court personnel and the community that it serves.

JusticeEZtrac for Criminal Justice Agencies    

JusticeEZtrac goes beyond helping courts, Criminal Justice Agencies can also take advantage of this system. The following are just a few different types of agencies that can benefit from the services of JusticeEZtrac:

• Probation
• Parole
• Community Corrections
• Drug Courts
• Work Release